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Works by Steven Harvey


This page is a list of my publications excluding features I wrote for The Humble Essayist which can be found in the archives at



A Geometry of Lilies: Life and Death in an American Family. South Carolina, 1993.

Lost in Translation: Personal Essays about Love and Change. Georgia, 1997.

Bound for Shady Grove. Georgia, 2000.

The Book of Knowledge and Wonder. Ovenbird, 2014.

Folly Beach: An Essay on Family, Fear, Physics, Philosophy & Fun. Post-Script, 2020.

The Beloved Republic: Essays. Wandering Aengus Press, 2023.



In a Dark Wood: Personal Essays by Men on Middle Age. Georgia 1996



“Williams’ ‘The Widow’s Lament in Springtime.’” The Explicator, 45:2, Winter 1987.


“The Nuclear Family.” Shenandoah, Fall 1991.


“The Geometry of Lilies.” The Iowa Review, 22:3, Fall 1992.


“The Garden Wall.” The Georgia Review, 46:4, Winter 1992.


“Endless Imitation.” Southern Humanities Review, 27:1 Winter, 1993.


“Monogamy.” Forward, Augusts 13, 1993.


“Lost in Translation.” Creative Nonfiction, 2, 1994.


“The Changed Name of God.” The Iowa Review, 25:2, 1995.


“Letters.” Habersham Review, 4:2, Autumn 1995.


“The Art of Translation.” Creative Nonfiction, 6, 1996.


“Blue Books.” The Iowa Review, 26:3, Fall 1996.


“The Robes of Memory.” DoubleTake, 3:2 Spring 1997.


“Mountain Minor,” The Oxford American, 16 Spring 1997.


“The Devil by Surprise.” Five Points, 2:1, Fall 1997.


“High Lonesome.” The Florida Review, 23:2, 1998.


“The Cost of Sweetness.” (“November Field”) Atlanta Magazine, October 1998.


“The Art of Self.” Fourth Genre, 1:1, Spring 1999.


“The Oldest Answer.” The Journal of Kentucky Studies, 16, September 1999.


“The Drone.” Seneca Review: The Lyric Essay, 30:1, 2000.


“The Big Scioty.” Fourth Genre, 2:1, Spring 2000.


“Her Bright Window.” Hope Magazine, 23, Summer 2000.


“Introduction to Round Table on The Art of the Personal Essay,” Fourth Genre, 3:2, Fall 2001.


“Laying on of Hands.” River Teeth, 4:2, Spring 2003.


“The Empty Page.” Shenandoah, 53:4, Winter 2003


“Coming to Terms.” Fourth Genre, 6:1, Spring 2004.


“Our Lady of the Five Strings.” Shenandoah, 55:1, Spring/Summer 2005.


“A Final Word.” Fourth Genre, 7:2 Fall 2005.


“Kindly Dark.” River Teeth, 8:1, Fall 2006.


“Life at the Carson House,” Echoes (Young Harris College Magazine), 10:1, Fall 2008.

“Blood Mountain,” Ascent, March 9, 2010.


 “The Art of Mulling.” Calliope, 127, Spring 2010.


“The Broken Cup,” Conjunctions Online, 08.03.10.


“Ya Mismo.” River Teeth, 13:1, Fall 2011.


“Orphaned Souls,” Hotel Amerika, 10:2, Spring 2012.


“The Open Door.” Hunger Mountain, 17, 2012.


“The Vanishing Point.” The Southern Review, 49:1, Winter 2013.


“The Razor Blade.” The Hopkins Review, 6:1, Winter 2013.


“The Beloved Republic.” The Antioch Review, 75:3, Summer 2017.


“The Other Steve Harvey.” Michigan Quarterly Review, 56:1, Winter 2017.


“Another Way.” Water~Stone Review, 20, 2017-2018.


“One Boy’s Luminous Skin.” American Literary Review, Spring 2019.


“The Wordless Woods.” Brevity, 62, September 13, 2019.


“Autumn Hours.” Fourth Genre, 21:2, Fall 2019.


“Pipsissewa.” Coal Hill Review, 21, Winter 2019.


“The White Space.” Zone 3: A Literary Journal, 35:2, Fall 2020.


“Absolute Dark.” Water~Stone Review, 23, 2020.


“The Circus Train.” River Teeth, 23:2, 2022.

"Two Eternities." Solstice: Magazine of Diverse Voices. Winter 2022.

"Hermit Thrush," Brevity 73, Fall 2023.

"Aubade," Hunger Mountain 28, 2023.

"Oakleaf Hydrangea," "Stars Adrift," and "Waving Adieu," Great River Review, Spring 2024.




Appearances in Anthologies


“The Nuclear Family.” Life Studies: An Analytic Reader, edited by David Cavitch. Bedford, 1995.


“Nacoochee Indian Mound: Helen, Georgia.” In Short: A Collection of Brief Creative Nonfiction, edited by Judith Kitchen and Mary Paumier Jones. Norton, 1996.


“The Art of Translation.” The Essayist at Work: Profiles of Creative Nonfiction Writers, edited by Lee Gutkind. Heineman, 1998.


“The Art of Translation.” The Fourth Genre: Contemporary Writers of/on Creative Nonfiction, third edition, edited by Robert L. Root, Jr., and Michael Steinberg. Pearson Longman, 2005.


“The Art of Interruption.” Writing True: The Art and Craft of Creative Nonfiction, edited by Sondra Perl and Mimi Schwartz. Houghton Mifflin, 2006.


“Laying on of Hands.” The River Teeth Reader, edited by Joe Mackall and Daniel W. Lehman, 10:1-2, Nebraska, Fall 2008/ Spring 2009.


“The Oldest Answer.” Echoes Across the Blue Ridge: Stories , Essays, and Poems, edited by Nancy Simpson. Winding Path Publishing, 2010.


“The Art of Self,” The Fourth Genre: Contemporary Writers of/on Creative Nonfiction, fifth edition, edited by Robert L. Root, Jr. and Michael Steinberg. Longman,  2010.


“The Book of Knowledge.” The Best American Essays 2013, edited by Cheryl Strayed and Robert Atwan. Mariner, 2013.


“The Other Steve Harvey.” The Best American Essays 2018, edited by Hilton Als and Robert Atwan. Mariner, 2013.


“The Book of Knowledge.” River Teeth: Twenty Years of Creative Nonfiction, edited by Joe Mackall and Daniel W. Lehman, New Mexico, 2020.


“Dancing Bears” and “Ars Prosetica.” Wild Gods: The Ecstatic in Contemporary Poetry and Prose, edited by Joel Peckham and Robert Vivian, New Rivers Press, 2021.









“Winter” and “Dishwasher.” Some, 2, Fall 1972


“America Love Poem.” Aspen Leaves, 1:1, 1973.


“Socrates.” The Remington Review, 1, April 1973.


“Tennessee’s Darling.” The Small Pond Magazine of Literature, No. 28, Spring 1973.


“Caravan.” Harper’s Magazine, September 1973.


“Ice.” Some, 3, Winter 1973.


“For Jon” Front Street Trolley, 2:1, May-June 1975.


“Jill” and “Quarrel.” Wisconsin Review, 8:4, 1975.


“Names.” Charlotte Observer, June 10, 1977.


“Translating from the Italian.” Mr. Cogito, 3:3, Fall 1977



Poetry Chapbook


Powerlines in Aleph 5, 1977.




Review of Lost Puritan: A Life of Robert Lowell by Paul Mariani, Atlanta Journal Constitution, December 18, 1994.


Review of The Sound and the Story: NPR and the Art of Radio by Thomas Looker, Atlanta Journal Constitution June 11, 1995, 136.


Review of Beach Music by Pat Conroy, Atlanta Journal Constitution July 2, 1995, 122.


Review of Best American Essays 1995 edited by Robert Atwan, Atlanta Journal Constitution December 24, 1995, 73.


Review of Darkness Visible by William Styron and A Whole New Life by Reynolds Price,

The Oxford American March/April 1995.


Review of Trespassing by Samuel Pickering, The Oxford American, May-June 1995.


Review of Full House: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin, by Stephen J Gould, Atlanta Journal Constitution September 22, 1996, 220.


Review of This Wild Darkness by Harold Brodkey, Atlanta Journal Constitution, October 20 1996.


Review of Dixie Rising by Peter Applebaum, Atlanta Journal Constitution November 17, 1996, 202.


Review of The Reader’s Companion to Cuba edited by Alan Ryan, Atlanta Journal Constitution May 18, 1997, 196.


Review of A Slender Thread by Diane Ackerman, Atlanta Journal Constitution, February 16, 1997, 201,


Review of The Man Made of Words by N. Scott Momaday, Atlanta Journal Constitution, June 29, 1997, 202.


Review of Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature by Linda Lear, Atlanta Journal Constitution,  September 28 1997, 200.


Review of Pillar of Fire by Taylor Branch, Atlanta Journal Constitution, February 1, 1998, 176.


Review of The Gold Exodus by Howard Blum, Atlanta Journal Constitution February 22, 1998, 208.


Review of The Last Apocalypse by James Reston,  Atlanta Journal Constitution March 15, 1998, 225.


Review of The Unfinished Presidency by Douglas Brinkley, Atlanta Journal Constitution June 7, 1998, 162.


Review of Marking the Sparrow’s Fall by Wallace Stegner, Atlanta Journal Constitution December 6, 1998, 196.


Review of For the Time Being by Annie Dillard, Atlanta Journal Constitution March 21, 1999, 222.


Review of In the Cellar by Jan Philipp Reemstma, Atlanta Journal Constitution, March 28, 1999.


Review of The Pleasure of Their Company by Doris Grumbaugh,  Atlanta Journal Constitution, June 4, 2000, 258.


Review of The Sweet Hell Inside by Edward Ball, Atlanta Journal Constitution October 21, 2001, 44.


Review of Local Wonders: Seasons in the Bohemian Alps by Ted Kooser, Fourth Genre, 6:2, Fall 2004.


Review of Racing in Place: Collages, Fragments, Postcards, Ruins by Michael Martone, Fourth Genre 11:1, Spring 2009.



Banjo Newsletter Articles



“The Bard’s Banjo: English Country Clawhammer.” Banjo Newsletter, 29:8, June 2002.


“Profile: Laura Boosinger.” 30:1, Banjo Newsletter, November 2002.


“Banjos at the Border.” Banjo Newsletter, 30:10, August 2003.


“The Art of Listening: Diane Jones and the Essence of Mountain Music.” Banjo Newsletter, 30:12, October 2003.


“Lorraine Hammond and ‘Young But Daily Growing.’” Banjo Newsletter, 31:2, December 2003.


“‘We Taught Each Other’: Art Rosenbaum and Georgia Banjo Blues.” Banjo Newsletter, 31:4, February 2004.


“David Brose.” Banjo Newsletter, 31:6, April 2004.


“Two Brides.” Banjo Newsletter, 31:8, June 2004.


“Dark Secrets: The Music of Mary Z. Cox.” Banjo Newsletter, September 2004


“Gatherin’ around the Fiddler J.P. Fraley.” Banjo Newsletter, 32:2, December 2004.


“The Sandy Belle River Tuning.” Banjo Newsletter, 32:4, February 2005.


“Backporch Banjo.” Banjo Newsletter, 32: 8, June 2005.


“The Banjo Lute.” Banjo Newsletter, 32:10, August 2005.


“The Magic Box.” Banjo Newsletter, 33:1, November 2005.


“Three Forks of Ivy.” Banjo Newsletter, 33:5, March 2006.


“Cathy Fink’s DVD from Homespun.” Banjo Newsletter, 33:7, May 2006.


“Rambling Hobo.” Banjo Newsletter, 34:1, November 2006.


“Clawhammer Up the Neck.” Banjo Newsletter, 34:5, March 2007.

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